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Unexpected Out of Town Trip

My Dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and I need to go be with him and Mom. They live in Florida, so I’ll be out of town probably two weeks.

I’m not leaving till Wednesday so I can get all orders that were made before 2:00 today, Thursday the 9th, delivered. You can still make orders while I’m gone, just please realize it’s going to be a few weeks before I get them delivered.

I had placed a few big orders with my suppliers for lots of new plants, especially perennials, but had to cancel them. I know my stock is low, if y’all will be patient with me I’ll get restocked when I get back into town.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jeanni and Ziva
Bella Jardins Boutique
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New and Restocked Plants

Grancy Graybeard spring blooms

Herbs are in the house! Well, I should say some herbs are in the house because we picked up just a tiny order today. Lots more of them will be in stock next week. Here’s what we got:

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Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Keep in mind that Bella Jardins has electronic gift cards available for that plant lover in your life. Just click on this link, Valentine’s Day Gift Cards, to be taken to the gift card page to order. It’s very simple to order: select the category and price, add your personal note, add the email of the person it’s going to, and that’s it! The gift card will be emailed to your special person. There is no expiration date on the gift cards.

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Plant Pick Up Post for 02/15

Red Buckeye Flowers

Howdy howdy. Ziva and I are taking a ride to our favorite native plant supplier on Wednesday the 15th to restock our dwindling cupboards of plants. Yay!! Y’all know I sell out of plants quickly, so I’d highly suggest ordering what you want asap.

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Herbs and Veggies


Hi there! With all this beautiful weather we’ve been having, everyone is chomping at the bit for herbs, including myself. But. I still think it’s too early for them. My plan for herbs is to check the 15 day forecast at the beginning of February to see what Mother Nature is gonna send us. If she plans on sending us just the usual temps, then I’ll go ahead and get herbs in stock. If she plans on sending us drastic cold weather, then I’ll wait until the drastic cold weather passes through.

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Southern Magnolias

Southern Magnolia flower

I’ve been looking for Southern Magnolias, Magnolia grandiflora, in the 3-gallon size for a couple of months now with no luck. Today I finally found a supplier who grows them, so Southern Magnolias in the 3-gallon size will be back in stock on Thursday! They’re 3-4′ tall, $24 each. Look how pretty they are!

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Plant Pick Up Post for 01/10

Mexican Buckeye flowers

Hello! I’m so excited that it’s time to get back to making the Plant Pick Up Posts for y’all to see all the latest pretties coming in stock. On this order, I’m focusing on either restocking or getting new-to-the-Boutique plants that bloom late winter/early spring cause I know we are all itching to bring color back into our gardens.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Phlox Pink Native Azalea

Hello there to all my frozen fellow flower freaks! Don’t know about y’all, but I am so over winter and am ready for warm weather. Tonight is back down to 23 and tomorrow night 30, which means we will have suffered through six nights of below, and WAY below, freezing temps by the time Wednesday rolls around with warmer temps of 60s/40s. ~sigh~ That’s six nights too many for me.

Eastern Redbud in bloom
Eastern Redbud
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