Spicebush Fall Color

Growing In My Garden

My personal garden is approximately 60′ x 60′. It has four oak trees in the middle of it, which gives it a combination of sun and shade areas. I’m in the process of clearing all the grass out it. I’ve started laying out the pathways and sitting area. After the grass is dead, I’ll start installing plants, some of which are listed below, and sowing the ton of seeds I’ve collected lately. I’ll start posting pics of the process. My goal is to have a cottage garden/natural habitat for all the pollinators and critters to benefit from. It’ll have bird feeders, a frog pond, logs, leaf litter, and, of course, plenty of nectar and host plants. Keep checking back to see the progress!


Witch Hazel

Swamp Milkweed

Grayheaded Coneflower

Rattlesnake Master

Carolina Jessamine

Raspberry Skullcap

Anise Hyssop