Garden Journal

For years I’ve done my garden journaling in handwritten notebooks. Some of my journals go back to gardens I had 20 years ago. I still enjoy looking at them to see how my previous gardens grew. But this time I decided instead of a handwritten journal, I’m going to do an electronic one so you can follow along with what my garden does or doesn’t do during the season changes.

Journal pic courtesy of Seayard on Flickr

11/05/2021: Nighttime temps are dropping this week: last night was 34, tonight is 32. Pineapple sage is the only plant showing cold damage on its leaves this morning.

01/23/2022: Planted three dormant, bareroot roses along the South front yard fence: Double Delight, Just Joey, and Love.

02/06/2022: Going to be below freezing tonight from about 11:00, 32 degrees, to 8:00 tomorrow morning, 26 degrees, so I covered the roses with their buckets for one more night. The buckets must be doing their job of keeping the roses warm for the past three nights cause the roses’ new leaf buds still look beautiful.

02/07/2022: Bleh. Gonna be 27 again tonight, so the new roses get to keep their bucket hats. The Souvenir de la Malmaison and Louis Philippe roses have been in the ground since last summer, so they don’t get bucket hats. They are actually putting out new leaf buds too, but because they’ve been able to harden off this winter, they don’t need any protection.

05/05/2022: Fertilized the roses, the Forest Pansy Redbud, and the Sarcococca ruscifolia, aka Fragrant Sweet Box, with Espoma’s wonderful organic Rose-Tone fertilizer. All of the roses have finally started blooming.