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Welcome to the Boutique! Here you’ll find lots of amazingly cool native/nativar plants from Texas and the Southeast along with Texas adapted plants. Browse around, see what you like, make your order, and Ziva and I will deliver it to you very soon.

Keep in mind that because I’m delivering and not shipping, sales are limited to only these East Texas counties and West Louisiana parishes: Panola, Rusk, Harrison, Marion, Shelby, Nacogdoches, Smith, Gregg, and Caddo, De Soto, and Bossier. Bella Jardins Boutique is located in Carthage, so Carthage customers get free delivery. All other customers have a delivery fee of $5 for orders under $25 and free delivery for orders over $25, along with an option to pick up your order in Carthage for no fee.

If you get an error message while trying to check out, it probably means you’re out of our sales/delivery area. If you are definitely in the sales/delivery area, please let me know you’re having issues so I can fix it. Call or text me at 903-418-6289 or email me at

The plants are the same size plants we’ve all bought from the store-front garden centers, i.e., 4″, 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and 15-gallon. Let me know if you’d like more info on what size a plant is.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Showing 1–30 of 171 results

Showing 1–30 of 171 results