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Next week’s orders!

Hello hello. I’m telling y’all, next week is gonna be a busy one for me and Ms Ziva cause we’ll have two plant orders to pick up, all of our customer deliveries, and I’m finishing up plant lists for the Garden Walkabout Consultations I did this week. phew. I definitely need Monday off to get some rest. lol

Wednesday we’re picking up an order from the supplier we just went to a couple of days ago cause y’all have bought almost all the coneflowers and a lot of the herbs (that’s a good problem to have, btw), then either Thursday or Friday will be the big order pick up day from our very fav native plant supplier cause y’all are quickly whittling away at my native plants (again, a very good problem to have).

Here’s what we’re getting Wednesday:

  • * ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ Coneflower
  • * ‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia
  • Rue Herb
  • Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’
  • * ‘PowWow Wild Berry’ Coneflower
  • ‘Magic Pink’ Asters
  • ‘Magic Purple’ Asters
  • Whichever other herbs I need to add to the list by Tuesday

As always, * denotes a native or nativar plant.

Speaking of the herbs. I’ll be working diligently the next few days to add more descriptions to each individual herb listed on the Herb Page, including their medicinal value, which butterflies/caterpillars they are host and/or nectar plants for, and which other pollinators they attract.

I should be able to make a post on Tuesday letting y’all know what’s in the big order.

Here are pics for Wednesday’s order. Click on the pics to get info for the plant. The pic at the top of the page shows ‘PowWow Wild Berry’ Coneflower.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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