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Keep in mind that wasps are pollinators too. They might not be cute like bees and butterflies, but they’re needed in our gardens just as much.

This one was having a grand time in the goldenrod in my flower beds.

Wasp on Goldenrod in my garden

Happy digging in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva
Beautiful Gardens Begin Here

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Playing In The Dirt!

Got 40 plants in the ground yesterday: 30 tropical milkweed, Asclepias curassavica; one Flame Acanthus, Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii; three Cigar Plants, Cuphea ignea; two Lemon Ball sedum, Sedum rupestre ; one Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena; and three Coleus. Whew, I’m a bit tired today, to say the least. lol

The new garden beds in the front and south side areas are ready for planting, so that’s where all the new plants went into. I’m still working on the beds in the back and north side areas. Those should be ready for planting in about two weeks.

I have two 1-pound bags of Texas native and wildflower seeds that I’ll be spreading next week. So excited about that! I’ll do a separate post later on what flower types are in the seed mix.

So what are y’all adding to your flower beds??

Happy digging in the dirt.

Jeanni and Ziva
Beautiful Gardens Begin Here

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Watershed Plant Guide

Asclepias curassavica

This is an awesome publication from the City of Austin and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service on what native and adapted plants do well in our central Texas gardens. Extensive info is listed with the ability to choose what area you’re in, what sun/shade your garden has, what type of plants you’re looking for, etc etc etc. Great pics and individual plant info too. Download or bookmark this thing so you’ll have it handy!

Happy digging in the dirt …

Jeanni, Gibbs, and Ziva

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The Wildflowers Are Coming!

This article from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center talks about how our native Texas wildflowers are still trying to put on a brave appearance even after that horrid winter we just had.

I’ve seen a few different ones in my meadow starting to bloom. I’ll be writing a post on them soon.

Source: 2021 Wildflower Season Still on Track After Winter Storm