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New To The Boutique Plants Are Coming

Arrowwood Viburnum flowers

Howdy, y’all. Ziva and I are picking up a big ol’ order of super cool plants this Friday the 9th. Most of this order are new to the Boutique plants (marked as new on the list), along with some special orders and restocking. The next order will be more of restocking sold out plants.

And here’s the list:

  • * Dryopteris x australis, Dixie Wood Fern (new)
  • Callistemon viminalis, Hot Pink Bottlebrush Tree
  • Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Taube’, Blue Dove Lace Cap Hydrangea (new)
  • * Carex cherokeensis, Cherokee Sedge
  • * Euonymus americanus, Strawberry Bush (new)
  • * Ilex decidua, Possumhaw Tree (new)
  • * Ilex vomitoria ‘Saratoga Gold’, Saratoga Gold Yellow Berry Yaupon Holly (new)
  • * Malpighia sp., Dwarf Barbados Cherry (new)
  • * Viburnum dentatum, Arrowood Viburnum (new)
  • * Zanthoxyluhm clava-herculis, Hercules Club (new)
  • Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Bush
  • * Bidens ferulifolia ‘Pretty in Pink’, Pretty in Pink Bidens (new)
  • * Hamelia patens, Firebush (new)
  • * Malvaviscus x ‘Pam Puryear’s Pink’, Pam’s Pink Turk’s Cap
  • * Phylla nodiflora, Frogfruit
  • * Zexmenia hispida, Zexmenia (new)
  • * Wisteria frutescens ‘Dam B’, Dam B Wisteria (new)

* Indicates a native or nativar plant. This week, 14 out of the 17 plants ordered are either native or nativars.

And here are the pics showing the beautiful plants. The large pic at the top of the page shows the flowers of the Arrowwood Viburnum.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva
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