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USDA Hardiness Zone Map

Calamintha georgiana, Georgia Calamint

I read today that the USDA updated the Plant Hardiness Zone map this year. The last time it was done was in 2012. Thought I would pass this tidbit of info along to you.

The zones have shifted because of climate change issues. Starke is now a solid 9a. In the 2012 map it was 8b/9a.

The map on the USDA website is interactive. You can enter your zip code in the dropdown box at the top of the map and it’ll tell you which zone you’re in. Or you can click on the map to get info about that area. Click on “2023 USDA Hardiness Zone Map” to be taken to the website.

Plant hardiness zones are important to gardeners in helping us choose which plants will grow well in our gardens. Meaning, if a plant is hardy in only zones 5 – 7, well, there’s really no reason to plant it here in zone 9a. You’ll notice that at the end of each description page for the plants I sell, I have the Florida hardiness zones listed for each plant. What ecoregions plants are native to is also an important factor that we need to take into consideration. But ecoregions is a whole nother topic for another post.

Anyway. Hope you’re getting some of this glorious rain we’ve had here these past couple of days. I know the plants and seeds in my personal garden are sure happy to have it.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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