Two-Winged Silverbell



Botanical Name:  Halesia diptera

Common Name:  Two-wing Silverbell, Two-winged Silverbell, Silverbell, American Snowdrop Tree, Snowdrop Tree, Snowbell, Cowlicks

Description:  A small, rounded tree or shrub, two-winged silverbell or American snowdrop tree is usually multi-stemmed or low-branched. The plant has alternate leaves 2-7 inches long and half as wide, with distinct veins. Deciduous leaves are dark-yellow-green in summer, changing to yellow in fall. The white, tubular flowers hang on long, pendulous pedicels and are about 1 inch across and consist of 4 waxy petals with a tight cluster of stamens in the center, looking somewhat like a white candle in a white candle holder. A two-winged fruit cures tan for fall. The bark of young trees is striped and becomes furrowed in an interesting pattern with age. It is native to southeastern North America from South Carolina south to Florida, west to Arkansas and southeast Texas. This immature sour green fruit is consumed by wildlife, including squirrels. ~Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center~

Y’all. This is a stunningly beautiful tree that I think we all need in our gardens.

It’s an understory tree, so it likes a part sun to part shade environment. The beautiful white flowers bloom in April and May. Is a medium-fast grower to 20-30′ tall and wide.

Fun Fact:  The common and scientific names both refer to the two-winged fruit.

This plant in a 1-gallon container is 1-2′ tall x 1′ wide, not counting the container.

Hardiness Zones 5 – 9


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1-gallon, 15-gallon, 3-gallon, 7-gallon


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