Botanical Name:  Phyla nodiflora

Common Name:  Turkey Tangle Fogfruit, Frogfruit, Fog Fruit

Description:  Cool little perennial groundcover native to Florida with a funky little name. Frogfruit can be used as an excellent groundcover and is evergreen in warm years. It is also evergreen in areas protected from frost, but usually goes dormant during the winter. It spreads vigorously but is easy to keep in check. Frogfruit is a good nectar plant for butterflies. It is an attractive plant rambling over boulders or the edges of hanging baskets. It also can tolerate drought and flooding. Grows only 3-8″ tall x 2-4′ wide, with its tiny white/pink/reddish flowers blooming May through November. I love this groundcover. Great alternative to grass in your sun to part shade areas. Larval host to Phaon Crescentspot, Buckeye, and White Peacock butterflies. Moderate deer resistance. Can also be grown in containers or hanging baskets or between stepping stones. Drought tolerant, but also tolerates occasional flooding.

Fun Fact:  In the Middle Ages, farmers knew that after they hayed their meadows, low-growing plants would pop up. Because meadows often have fog on them in the mornings, these low-growing plants were collectively known as “fog fruit.” Jump forward hundreds of years later until fog fruit is now called Frogfruit simply because someone along the way misunderstood the pronunciation.

This plant in 4″ containers is 2-3″ tall x 2-3″ long.

This plant in 1-gallon containers is 2-3″ tall x 6-10″ long.

Hardiness Zones 7 – 10


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1-gallon, 4"


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