Sunshine Mimosa



Botanical Name:  Mimosa strigillosa

Common Name:  Sunshine Mimosa, Powderpuff Mimosa

Description:  Sunshine mimosa is a prostrate, mat-forming perennial wildflower that occurs naturally in open, disturbed areas, along roadsides and, infrequently, in pinelands and forests. It typically blooms spring through fall. Its showy pink to lavender powderpuff-like flowers are pollinated mainly by bees but also attract butterflies. The flowers aren’t big, about 1″ tall and wide. It is the host plant for the Little Sulphur (Eurema lisa) butterfly. Sunshine mimosa is a great groundcover replacement. It is low-growing, spreads readily, and tolerates being mowed. Tolerates light foot traffic, but not heavy foot traffic. It is adaptable to both dry and moist sites. It will not climb over other plants or structures, but it sprawls continuously and sets down roots as it grows. Grows only 2-9 inches tall. Grows in sun, part sun, or part shade areas of your garden. It is a prolific bloomer and adaptable to both dry and moist sites. Though quite drought tolerant, it is slow to establish and needs adequate water during this time. This is a deciduous groundcover. Once established, powderpuff mimosa has a fairly deep root system that can help it control erosion.

Nodules on the roots of the plant, with the help of Rhizobium bacteria, fix nitrogen in the soil.

This beautiful Florida native needs to be grown in your garden.

Not salt tolerant of inundation by salty or brackish water. Low/no tolerance of salty wind or direct salt spray.

This plant in 1-gallon containers has a spread of 8″ – 15″.

Plant Lore: Unlike its cousin, Sensitivebrier (Mimosa quadrivalvis), Sunshine mimosa does not climb or have hooked prickles. But like its cousin, its leaves fold up when touched.

Florida Hardiness Zones 8 – 10


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