Red Buckeye



Botanical Name:  Aesculus pavia

Common Name:  Red Buckeye, Scarlet Buckeye, Firecracker Plant

Description:  Beautiful Florida native perennial shrub or small tree blooms large red clusters of flowers in the Spring. The flower clusters are about 1′ long, which makes this a very showy plant. Likes part shade, especially protection from the hot afternoon sun, which makes this a great understory tree. Typically grows 10-15′ tall and wide but older specimens in perfect conditions can grow 35-40′. Likes moist, well drained soils. This plant is unusual in that it usually drops its leaves in late summer instead of late fall/winter. So it does better planted amongst other plants instead of as a specimen plant.  Moderate deer resistance. Attracts hummingbirds, of course, and squirrels like to eat the nuts. The wood has been used to create a black dye, the roots can be used to make soaps, and the bark can be medicinal. The seeds and young shoots are poisonous if eaten, so this one can be added to your Poison Garden!

Because Red Buckeye has a long taproot, the 1-gallon containers they are in are a bit unusual: they are about 4″ wide and 1′ deep to help the taproot grow. The plants are 8″ to 1′ tall not including the container.

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