Little Bluestem Ornamental Grass



Botanical Name:  Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium

Common Name:  Little Bluestem grass

Description:  This perennial Florida native grass has absolutely gorgeous bluish-green fine-textured foliage that grows 1-2′ tall x 2′ wide and turns mahogany-red in the fall with cottony-white seed heads that also show up in the fall. The seed head stems add another 1-2′ of height, but it’s a see-through height, so it’s ok if in front of other plants. The foliage makes a cool winter statement cause it doesn’t die back, but continues standing until you cut it back in late winter. Likes a sun to part sun situation. Is very drought tolerant after becoming established. It’ll get floppy if it’s in too much shade and is given too much water. Doesn’t like wet soils. It’s the host plant for these butterflies and moths:  Otto Skipper, Indian Skipper, Crossline Skipper, Dusted Skipper, Cobweb butterfly, and Dixie skipper. It has special value to our native bees. Birds and other critters love the seeds and also use the foliage for nesting material. Looks gorgeous either planted in masses or as specimen grasses. Can be grown either in containers or in the ground. Likes to reseed itself. Is very deer resistant.

Grows great in these soils as long as they are well drained: Sandy, Sandy Loam, Medium Loam, Clay Loam, Clay, Limestone-based.

Has low salt water tolerance. Does not tolerate flooding by salt or brackish water. Salt wind may burn the leaves.

The 1-gallon container plants are 8-15″ tall not including the container.

Plant Lore:  It appears this taxon is confined to the panhandle of Florida and is characterized by its cespitose habit and lack of rhizomes.

Florida Hardiness Zones 8 – 10



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