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07/06 Plant Pick Up Post

White Wild Indigo

Hello! It’s time to show you all the native pretties Ziva and I are picking up Thursday the 6th for your gardens.

  • *Baptisia megacarpa, Apalachicola Wild Indigo, 1-gallon (new)
  • *Baptisia alba, White Wild Indigo, 3-gallon Pic at the top of the page show the blooms.
  • *Chrysogonum virginianum, Green & Gold, 1-gallon (new)
  • *Solidago nemoralis, Field Goldenrod, 1-gallon (new)
  • *Solidago stricta, Slender Goldenrod, 1-gallon (new)

* Florida Native
(new) First time being sold in Bella’s shop.

As I am working to get Bella’s inventory built up, I’m buying small quantities of the plants so I can get more species. I can probably get more if you need larger quantities, all ya gotta do is ask.

Now. On to the pics showing them in their mature glory!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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