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06/27 Plant Pick Up Post

Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass

Well, it’s another wonderfully rainy day here in Starke. Hope you’re getting some the wet stuff too.

Ziva and I are road tripping Tuesday to pick up some awesome plants from my favorite native supplier! Here is what we’re getting:

  • *Asclepias incarnata, Pink Swamp Milkweed, 1-gallon
  • *Asclepias perennis, White Swamp Milkweed, 1-gallon (new)
  • *Asclepias variegata, Redring Milkweed, 1-gallon (new)
  • *Muhlenbergia capillaris, Pink Muhly Grass, 3-gallon
  • *Tripsacum floridanum, Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass, 3-gallon (new). This is the plant in the picture above shown under the palms.

* Native to Florida
(new) First time for sale in Bella’s shop

I got all of the Redring Milkweed that my supplier has in stock: 19. So if you want some, get some cause it’ll be a few months before they have more of it in stock.

Now to the pics showing the plants in their awesome mature glory!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva
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