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05/16 Plant Pick Up

Eastern Red Columbine

Hello to all my fellow flower freaks! Ziva the Catahoula and I are picking up a plethra of plants on Tuesday the 16th. And here is the list of what they are:

  • *Amsonia ciliata, Fringed Bluestars (new)
  • *Aquilegia canadensis, Columbine (new) (shown in pic at the top)
  • *Baptisia alba, White Wild Indigo (new)
  • *Carphephorus corymbosus, Florida Paintbrush (new)
  • *Clematis reticulata, Netleaf Leather Flower (new)
  • *Liatris savannensis, Savanna Blazingstar (new)
  • *Phlox divaricata, Woodland Phlox (new)
  • *Rudbeckia fulgida, Orange Coneflower (new)
  • *Sericocarpus tortifolius, Dixie Aster (new)
  • *Vernonia gigantea, Giant Ironweed (new)
  • *Zanthoxylum clava-herculis, Hercules’ Club Tree
  • *Viburnum dentatum ‘asheii’, Weeping Viburnum (new)
  • *Symphyotrichum lateriflorum, Calico Aster (new)
  • *Penstemon australis, Pink Beardtounge (new)
  • *Magnolia macrophylla var. ashei, Ashe Magnolia
  • *Kosteletzkya pentacarpos, Saltmarsh Mallow (new)
  • *Helianthus angustifolia, Narrowleaf Sunflower

*Native/Nativar to Florida
(new) This is the first time the plant has been for sell on Bella’s website.

Now, let’s skip to the good part: The amazing pics showing all of those plants in their mature glory.

Which one is your favorite??

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva
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