Weeping Yaupon Holly



Botanical Name:  Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’

Common Name:  Weeping Yaupon Holly

Description:  Have you ever seen the Texas native weeping Yaupon holly?? It’s gorgeous in all of its uniqueness. It’s usually limbed up as a small tree to show off the weeping branches, but can also be grown as a shrub. Either way expect it to grow at a moderate rate to 10-20′ tall x 6-12′ wide. Weeping Yaupon Holly makes a very distinct, irregular, weeping form with its upright crooked trunks and slender, curved, pendulous branches clothed with small, oval, grey-green foliage. Massive display of bright red berries provide showy fall and winter color. Perfect as landscape accent. It is evergreen, grows in sun to part shade, and isn’t particular about soil type. Very drought tolerant after getting established, but can also deal well with occasional flooding.

Fun Fact:  The leaves of the parent plant were used for ceremonial tea, which, when consumed in large quantities, caused a cleansing now memorialized by the specific epithet vomitoria.

These plants in 3-gallon containers are 3-4′ tall x 2′ wide.

Hardiness Zones 7 – 9


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