Parsley Hawthorn



Botanical Name:  Crataegus marshallii 

Common Name:  Parsley Hawthorn, Parsleyleaf Hawthorn

Description:  Oh this is a really cool Texas native that can be grown as a shrub or small tree. What makes it cool is the leaves are very unusually shaped: they look like parsley leaves! Grow Parsley Hawthorne in sun to part shade and watch the beautiful white flowers bloom in the Spring. The flowers provide nectar for the butterflies and other pollinators, and has special value to native bees. The red haws (fruit) show up in the Fall. Usually grows 20-25′ tall and wide, is deciduous, has thorns, and super cool peeling bark. Great as an understory tree/shrub, likes moist areas but adapts to regular gardening areas. You need this tree in your garden. Can be edible and medicinal.

This plant in 3-gallon containers is 2-4′ tall and wide, not including the container.

Fun Fact:  Common name refers to the deeply cut foliage that looks similar to parsley. Fruit made into jellies, jams, or eaten raw. Tonics and teas from leaves used to treat heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Hardiness Zones 7 – 9

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