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Native Milkweed

Pink Swamp Milkweed blooms

Need some native milkweed in your garden for the Monarch, Queen, and Soldier butterflies, and all the other pollinators that feed off the flowers?? Well, Bella Jardins has you covered!

We have five different species in stock: Asclepias perennisverticillata, tuberosa, variegataand incarnata, aka respectively White Swamp, Whorled, Butterfly Weed, Redring, and Pink Swamp milkweed. They are all in 1-gallon containers and are $8 each. Perennis and incarnata are blooming now. Tuberosa just finished with a cycle of blooms. All are healthy and beautiful and ready to go into your garden. Click on the milkweed name to go to its description page.

Go buy yourself some … the butterflies and pollinators will thank you.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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