Wright’s Skullcap (Purple Skullcap)



Botanical Name:  Scutellaria wrightii

Common Name:  Wright’s Skullcap, Bushy Skullcap, Shrubby Skullcap, Purple Skullcap

Description:  This Skullcap is so beautiful in all its purpleness!! It’s native to Texas and Oklahoma. Can grow in sun to part shade. Is an evergreen perennial that blooms those gorgeous purple/violet flowers from spring through fall. This is lower growing than the other Skullcaps I sell: only 6-12″ tall x 1-2′ wide. Isn’t considered deer resistant. Very drought tolerant. Does not like to be planted in soils that stay wet. Grows great either in containers or in the garden beds. Is a nectar plant for the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

This plant in 1-gallon containers is 8″ – 10″ tall and wide.

Fun Fact: The species name of this plant is for Charles Wright, 1811-1885, world-wide botanical collector but mainly in Texas (1837-1952), Cuba and his native Connecticut.

Hardiness Zones 8b – 11

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