Red Autumn Sage



Botanical Name:  Salvia greggii

Common Name:  Red Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage, Gregg Salvia

Description:   Autumn sage is a soft, mounding shrub normally 2-3′ tall, with small, mintily aromatic green leaves that are semi-evergreen. The beautiful red flowers bloom from spring to frost. Its natural range is from south-central and west Texas south to San Luis Potosi in Mexico, mostly on rocky slopes. Hummingbirds and all other pollinators love this plant, as do I. It is disease and insect free and drought tolerant, and once established, should not be fertilized. This handles sun to part sun with no problem. Has to have well draining soil. The stems are brittle, so don’t plant it next to a pathway where it’ll be brushed up against. Does great either in containers or in the ground. As with many Salvia species, leaves can be used fresh or dried for seasonings and teas, and the flowers are edible. Very good deer resistance.

These plants in 1-gallon containers are 8-18″ tall and wide.

Hardiness Zones 6-9




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