Mexican Plum



Botanical Name:  Prunus mexicana

Common Name:   Mexican Plum, Bigtree Plum, Inch Plum

Description:  Don’t be confused by the name of this beautiful tree, it is actually native to northeast Texas. Very pretty, fragrant, white flowers bloom February through April before the leaves start showing. The flowers attract pollinators. After the flowers, the plums start showing up! The plums are edible and are used for cooking, jams, jellies, etc. Birds and critters like them too. This is a very easy to grow, single trunk, non-suckering, deciduous tree that will reach 15 – 25′ tall and wide. It likes dry to moist, well drained soils, in part sun to part shade. It likes protection from the hot afternoon sun since it grows naturally as an understory tree. The plums mature July through September and change from yellow to mauve to purple in coloring. It is the host plant for the Tiger Swallowtail and Cecropia moths, and has special value for our native bees. It is not deer resistant. Another cool aspect is the bark peels as it ages.

The plants in the 3-gallon container are about 4′ tall x 2′ wide, not counting the container.

Hardiness Zones 6 – 8

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