Loring Peach Tree



Botanical Name:  Prunus persica

Common Name:  Loring Peach Tree

Description:  This self-pollinating peach tree produces beautiful pink blooms in spring and medium-to-large peaches July – August. It has a period of late blooming that avoids late frost damage. The fruit is excellent for processing, fresh eating, canning and preserves. The fruit is yellow/red blush skin with yellow flesh. They’re freestone, too. 750-800 chill hours required. Plant in a sunny area of your garden. Grows 12-15′ tall and wide. Starts bearing fruit when 2-4 years old. Deciduous. Attracts pollinators.

This plant in 5-gallon containers is 4-6′ tall, not including the container.

Hardiness Zones 5 – 8


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