Blue Java Ice Cream Banana Tree



Botanical Name:  Musa acuminata × balbisiana ‘Blue Java’

Common Name:   Blue java ice cream banana, blue java banana, ice cream banana, Hawaiian banana, blue banana

Description:   Nope, those pics aren’t photoshopped … bananas actually exist that are blue-skinned. How cool is that! Along with having a cool color, the banana itself tastes different than the usual grocery store banana. It has the texture of ice cream and taste like vanilla custard. yum. Oh, and it’s more cold hardy than a lot of bananas: it’s hardy down to 20 degrees, which means it’ll have no problems surviving our typical winters here in the Pineywoods area of east Texas. Other than that, it’s your typical banana tree in that it loves heat and sunshine and is not drought tolerant. So give it full sun, water it if it doesn’t rain at least 1″ per week, give it some organic fertilizer about once every six weeks, make sure it has well drained soil, and watch that baby grow to about 15′ tall and 8-10′ wide. If you can give it all of that, it’ll produce bananas about 115 to 150 days after flowering. Blue Java also produces bananas when it’s relatively young. You’ll see babies popping up around the base of the mother tree. Don’t get rid of all of those cause eventually the mother tree will die and the babies will take over the job of producing blue bananas for you. The bananas really do start out with the pale blue coloring, then turn yellow as they age and ripen.

Plants in 2-gallon containers are about 2-1/2′ tall x 2′ wide at the top.

Hardiness Zones 8 – 11


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