Hot Pink Bottlebrush Tree



Botanical Name:  Callistemon viminalis ‘Hot Pink’

Common Name:  Hot Pink Bottlebrush Tree

Description:  Usually when we hear “bottlebrush tree” we think of the gorgeous, red bottlebrush type flowers of the species bottlebrush. Well, those plant hybridizers have been busy coming up with different bottlebrush colors cause now they also come in shades of lavender and pink. This one, as the name implies, has hot pink flowers. I don’t care what color flowers they have, the bottlebrush tree is one of my favorite introduced trees. Pollinators of all types love these flowers too. Hot Pink quickly grows 8-12′ tall x 8-10′ wide. This is the upright type, not the weeping type. I’ll have the weeping bottlebrush in stock as soon as I can find a supplier for it. Anyway. Give her full to part sun, water well while she’s getting established, then sit back and enjoy the show she puts on late spring through fall. She’s drought tolerant after getting established and needs very little pruning to stay beautiful. Finely textured, dark green foliage complements the profusion of showy, bottlebrush-like, hot pink flowers. Its natural multi-branched form is perfect for massing as an informal screen. Easily trained into a small-scale specimen tree. Evergreen.

Fun Fact:  The genus name is from the Greek for “beauty” and “stamen” to describe the flowers, a bottle brush shaped wand of stamens without visible stamens.

This plant in the 3-gallon container is 3-4′ tall x 2′ wide, not including the container.

Hardiness Zones 8-10


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