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Botanical Name:  Gaura lindheimeri or Oenothera lindheimeri

Common Name:  Gaura, Lindheimer’s Beeblossom, White Gaura

Description:  Beautiful Texas native perennial that is very low maintenance and very drought tolerant once established. Gaura has a long tap-root, which means it doesn’t like to be disturbed after becoming established. Plant this beauty in sun to part sun, give it room to grow into its billowy 2-3′ tall and wide self, and then sit back and enjoy all it has to offer. Dainty pink and white flowers grow at the ends of long, slender stalks in the warm season. If it gets too leggy and floppy around mid-summer, just whack it back and the new growth will grow back more upright. Will self-seed to give you more plants. Is deer and rabbit resistant. Attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

Zones 5 – 9


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