Botanical Name:  Fatsia japonica

Common Name:  Fatsia, Big-leaf Paper Plant, Figleaf Palm, Formosa Rice Tree, Glossy-Leaved Paper Plant, Japanese Aralia, Japanese Fatsia, Paper Plant

Description:  Want a super cool tropical plant that is a perennial in our area and that loves that part shade to shade part of your garden?? Then Fatsia could be what you’re looking for. Fatsia is a semi-dense broadleaf evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub that has the appearance of tropical foliage. Place in a protected site as the leaves will brown if exposed to full sun or wind. Can be grown either in a large pot or in the ground. This plant can also be grown as a houseplant which is a positive attribute considering that deer frequently damage it.  Grows best in acidic, well-drained organically rich soils but tolerates sandy and clay soils.  It tolerates drought once established, air pollution, and is moderately tolerant of salt spray.  Prune it any time of year to maintain shape and fertilize regularly except in the winter when it is not growing. Grows at a fast rate to 6-8′ tall x 4-6′ wide. The pretty while blooms attract bees and hummingbirds.

This plant in a 1-gallon container is about 1′ tall and wide.

Zones 8 – 11


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