Dark Mystery Hardy Hibiscus



Botanical Name:  Hibiscus ‘Dark Mystery’ PP32036

Common Name:  ‘Dark Mystery’ Hibiscus

Description:  Rose Mallows grow native in East Texas and the Southeast. This is a nativar of those Rose Mallows, and boy is it stunning. The new leaves are a deep burgundy color that age to green. Fast grower to 4 to 5′ tall and wide. Blooms those huge, 8-9″,  beautiful white with a burgundy center and pink veining flowers off and on from early Summer to Fall. This isn’t one of those tender hibiscus that only last one season, nope, these are the hardy, perennial hibiscus. Got a sun to part sun area that needs color? Dark Mystery will grow beautiful in that area. Butterflies and bees love the nectar the flowers give them. Grows great in the ground or in large containers. These plants are deciduous and are slow to break dormancy in the Spring, so be sure to give them time before you give up on them.

These plants in 3-gallon containers are about 1-1/2′ tall and wide.

Hardiness Zones 4 – 9


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