Copper Canyon Daisy



Botanical Name:  Tagetes lemmonii

Common Name:  Copper Canyon Daisy, Lemmon’s Marigold, Mountain Marigold, Bush Marigold

Description:  A member of the Aster family, the Copper Canyon Daisy grows wild in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northern Mexico. This sprawling perennial daisy has a distinctive, pungent fragrance that smells somewhat like lemons and camphor. It has golden-yellow blooms that are attractive to butterflies and bees. As one might expect from its natural habitat, this marigold shrub is drought tolerant, grows in thin soils but adapts to other garden soils, and is generally a tough plant. Once Copper Canyon daisy takes hold in the garden, it requires little water and no fertilizer. An additional virtue is the strong aroma of the foliage; deer stay away. It grows into a perennial shrub up to about 3′ high, and it may spread to about 5-6′ wide. The 4-inch-long leaves are compound with thin leaflets, giving the foliage a sort of feathery or airy aspect. This beautiful perennial blooms in a bit in spring, but the main flowering period is in late fall. The inch-wide flowers can be so dense that they hide the foliage, producing an eye-catching mound of solid golden-yellow. It grows in full sun, part sun, or part shade. Attracts birds, bees, and butterflies.

This plant in the 3-gallon containers is 2-3′ tall x 1-2′ wide, not including the container.

Fun Fact:  This plant was discovered in southeastern Arizona by the early plant collectors, self-taught field botanists, husband and wife John (1832-1908), and Sara (1836 – 1923) Lemmon.

Hardiness Zones 8 – 10

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