Carlos Muscadine Grape Vine

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Botanical Name:  Vitis rotundifolia ‘Carlos’

Common Name:  Muscadine Grape ‘Carlos’


The Carlos muscadine is the standard vine used to make white muscadine wine. It makes a FANTASTIC wine.  It is a bronze, is self-fertile, and contains 16% sugar. The Carlos muscadine vine is very vigorous, yielding large amounts of quality, medium size fruit. Cold hardy and disease resistant. Starts producing around mid-September. Full sun. Spreads 10-20′ at maturity.  Starts producing at two years. Grapes will not continue to ripen after picking so be sure not to to pick them too prematurely. Drought tolerant after established.

This plant in a 2-gallon container has canes 2-4′ long, and is two years old.

Interesting Tidbit: ‘Carlos’ was released by the W.B. Nesbitt, V.H. Underwood, and D.E. Carroll in 1970 from the North Carolina Agr. Expt. Station in Raleigh, N.C. ‘Carlos’ was selected in 1954 from the cross Howard x NC 11-173 (Topsail x Tarheel). ‘Carlos’ was released as a bronze juice and fresh market cultivar with a flavor similar to ‘Scuppernong’.

Hardiness Zones 7 – 9


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