Banana Shrub


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Botanical Name:  Magnolia figo

Common Name:  Banana Shrub

Description:  It’s called a Banana Shrub because its pretty little creamy white flowers smell just like bananas!! I love this evergreen shrub/small tree that grows 10-12′ tall x 6-8′ wide. It’s in the Magnolia family, and its flowers look like miniature magnolia flowers. Slow to moderate growers. Does great in part sun to part shade. Likes protection from too much afternoon sun. Repeat blooms during the warm season. Plant it close to your sitting area so you can enjoy the fragrance. Drought tolerant once established. Does great in our acidic, moist but well drained soil.

This plant in 1-gallon containers is 1-2′ tall and wide.

This plant in 3-gallon containers is 2-4′ tall x 2-3′ wide.

Hardiness Zones 7-9



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1-gallon, 3-gallon


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