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Herbs and Veggies


Hi there! With all this beautiful weather we’ve been having, everyone is chomping at the bit for herbs, including myself. But. I still think it’s too early for them. My plan for herbs is to check the 15 day forecast at the beginning of February to see what Mother Nature is gonna send us. If she plans on sending us just the usual temps, then I’ll go ahead and get herbs in stock. If she plans on sending us drastic cold weather, then I’ll wait until the drastic cold weather passes through.

I have a couple of really good herb suppliers, so I’ll restock all the herbs listed on the Herb Page on my website, plus whatever new ones they have.


I didn’t stock veggies last year. Is that something y’all want me to have for sale this year?

I’ll also have marigolds for sale to help keep the bugs away from your herb and veggie gardens.


Hang in there, y’all, Spring will be here in 60 days!

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