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Southern Magnolias

Southern Magnolia flower

I’ve been looking for Southern Magnolias, Magnolia grandiflora, in the 3-gallon size for a couple of months now with no luck. Today I finally found a supplier who grows them, so Southern Magnolias in the 3-gallon size will be back in stock on Thursday! They’re 3-4′ tall, $24 each. Look how pretty they are!

Southern Magnolia 3-gallon size

That supplier also has them in 10-gallon size, 5-6′ tall, 1″ caliper, $110 each. I’ll have that size in stock in a couple of weeks.

Southern Magnolia 10-gallon size

This is the species Southern Magnolia that is native from the East Coast over to Texas that will grow 60-80′ tall, so make sure you have the space for it before planting in your garden. There are some excellent smaller varieties such as Little Gem, Teddy Bear, and others, that I’ll also be getting in stock soon. As always, I can get them up to 30-gallon size if you’re interested. Click here, Southern Magnolia, to go to its description page and to order.

Don’t you wish our screens were scratch and sniff so we could get a whiff of that intoxicating fragrance from that bloom!!!

Remember, October through March is the best time in our area to plant those hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials, so get out there and plant something!!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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