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‘Pebblebrook’ Red Anise

Anise Pebblebrook

Y’all, I’m so excited about this plant! My awesome native supplier told me today that he has the ‘Pebblebrook’ Red Anise, Illicium floridanum, ready to sell. So, of course, I added it to the growing list of plants Ziva and I are picking up this week. Yay!!!

This variety grows a little smaller, 5-7′ tall and wide, and denser than the species does, 6-12′ tall and wide. Anise is a part sun to shade plant. It cannot take our full sun, especially full afternoon sun. Morning sun/afternoon shade or filtered sun is fine. Illicium floridanum is native from Florida over to Louisiana. This variety was discovered in a garden in Georgia. It loves acidic soil, so it grows great here in East Texas. It’s evergreen, slow to moderate grower at 12-24″ per year, blooms those beautiful star-shaped burgundy flowers March through June, and is very cold hardy. The flowers are about 2″ wide, with the leaves 2-6″ long.

The leaves smell like anise when crushed, but this is NOT the anise used for cooking. That’s the non-native anise.

These are in 1-gallon size and are $10 each.

I’m already working on next week’s plant pick up, and, man, am I excited about what new plants are coming to the Boutique!! I’ll have a post up about them soon.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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