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Black Tupelo

Black Tupelo fall color

Yesterday Ziva and I delivered a super cool group of plants to a customer in Blue Ridge. They got raspberry skullcaps, African Iris, Mary Gregory Stokesia, Ragin’ Cajun Red Ruellia, Prairifire Crabapple tree, Hannah Ray weeping bottlebrush tree, Cherry Laurel ‘Compacta,’ and, what makes the order awesome: a 30-gallon Black Tupelo tree!! Y’all know the Black Tupelo is my favorite large native tree, so I was excited they wanted one that big.

I have two suppliers who grow the Black Tupelos in 15- and 30-gallon sizes, and they are beautiful trees. The 15-gallons are 6-7′ tall x 1-3′ wide and the 30-gallons 8-9′ tall x 2-4′ wide. Here’s a pic of the 30-gallon in all it’s dormant glory.

Black Tupelo tree 30-gallon size

That rootball size is about 2′ x 2′, and the caliper of the tree is just under 2″. It is well worth the $230 it costs because you’re starting with a more mature tree.

I’m slowly but surely adding larger sizes to the tree and shrub selection. Just because it’s not listed on the website doesn’t mean I can’t get it, so be sure to ask if you’re looking for bigger container sizes.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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