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Pink and Red Dogwood Trees

Pink Dogwood mature

We all know the native white flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida, is a staple in our Southern shady gardens. Well, did you know that pink flowering and red flowering Dogwoods are also available?? And they’re just as beautiful as their white counterpart.

I’ve been looking for a supplier who grows the pink and red varieties, and finally found one. So next week I’ll have them in stock in 5-gallon size. They’re 5-6′ tall, not including the container, and are $43 each plus tax.

I have the white flowering in stock now in 1-gallon size for $10 each. The 3-gallon size won’t be ready till about March. I’ll probably get some 5-gallon size of the white also.

Keep in mind that October through March is the perfect time in our area to plant hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials. The reasons for that is our ground doesn’t freeze which makes it easy to dig those holes, and because the plants are dormant they use their energy to get new root growth instead of using it for leaf production and top growth. That makes them well equipped to handle out summer heat and humidity when it comes back around.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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