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New Plants!

Cassia splendida

Y’all. I picked up an order today from my native supplier. Oh man, wait till you see how pretty they all are! The Pavonia Rock Roses, Bidens ‘Pretty In Pink’, Cassia splendida, ‘Mary Gregory’ Stokesia, Raspberry Skullcap, Variegated Toad Lily, Ragin’ Cajun Red Ruellia, and Confederate Roses are all loaded down with buds and blooms.

The others I got are Black Tupelo trees, 1-gallon Common Persimmons, Dutch PIpevine, Red Maple tree, Red Spider/Surprise lily, 1-gallon Pawpaw trees, Walking Iris, Natchez Mock Orange, Witch Hazel, Frogfruit, and Peggy Martin Roses.

I’m making another trip back there probably Monday to get more 3-gallon trees because I have waiting lists a mile long for a lot of what’s out of stock in that size: Sassafras, Black Tupelo, Common Persimmons, Pawpaws, Chalk Maple, etc. Y’all keep buying them, and I’ll keep keeping them in stock!

Oh, on the Sassafras: I’m getting the last two that my supplier has in stock. He’s having a hard time finding seeds to start them, so I’m not sure when I’ll have more once these run out. I’ll also start looking for other suppliers who grow them, but I can’t promise anything.

I’m gonna post a video tomorrow to show y’all everything in all its glory. Be watching for it!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt.

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  1. Exciting
    I love my Pretty in Pink got to get more for sure!!

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