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Stunning Drift Roses

Peach Drift Rose

The Peach Drift Roses have decided to show off here lately. Look at that cluster of beautiful blooms! Fall and spring really are the perfect times of year for roses to do their thing and remind us why we love them so much.

I have Drift Roses in stock in 2-gallon containers for $25 each. They are 2-3′ tall and wide. The varieties I have are Red Drift, Peach Drift, Lemon Drift, and White Drift. Here’s the link to their page for more info: Drift Roses.

These really are very pretty roses. I love that they stay small, 2-5′ tall and wide depending on which variety, which makes them perfect for planting in containers, using the trailing varieties as groundcover towards the front of garden beds, as small hedges, or as medium-size specimen roses. They are very versatile, that’s for sure.

I haven’t fungicide sprayed them at all during our hot and humid summer, and all I noticed were a few leaves with blackspot. I picked those off and threw them away, and the roses just continued chugging out beautiful foliage and flowers. So, yeah, they really are very disease resistant roses.

I think you need some of these pretties in your garden. Go order yourself some!

Happy diggin’ in the dirt.

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2 thoughts on “Stunning Drift Roses

  1. These are beautiful! I wonder if they would grow here?

    1. They grow in hardiness zones 5-10. I believe you’re either 5 or 6, so they’ll grow for you. They stay small, which is nice.

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