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Eastern Red Cedars and other stuff

Howdy howdy howdy. It’s a gloriously beautiful day here in East Texas, I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it.

Well, we survived the mid-October freeze just fine. I brought inside the Dwarf Powderpuffs and the variegated Crinum Lilies because they were looking beautiful and I didn’t want them to start going dormant. One of the Crinum is putting out blooms, and it’s gorgeous! The Dwarf Powderpuffs are cold sensitive, so they’re becoming houseplants for the winter, which they actually make great houseplants if you have a sunny area for them and give them the humidity they need.

I’ve been wanting to get Eastern Red Cedars in stock, but all of my suppliers were out of the 3-gallon sizes. So I kept searching and finally found a supplier who has some available. I’m picking them up Wednesday, $20 each, about 2′ tall. This is a beautiful tree native to East Texas. I can also get them in 15-gallon size, 4-6′ tall, $100 each.

I’ve had a few customers ask if I’m staying open through the winter. My answer is yes I am! Because our ground doesn’t freeze we can garden basically year round, and the absolute best time to plant hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials is October through March. So I see no reason to close for the winter.

I hear ya wondering why that’s the best time to plant. The two reasons are the plants are either going dormant or are dormant during that time frame, so transplant shock happens less; and their energy goes to building a strong root system before the heat of the summer rolls back again.

Y’all. The mums are starting to look absolutely stunning. You need these on your porch or patio. Click Mums Page, to see sizes/prices and to order. I also have some in solid yellow and white with a yellow center.

The supplier I’m getting the Eastern Red Cedars from also has really cool ornamental flowering trees like Crabapples and weeping peach trees. I’m leaning towards getting the Crimson Weeping Peach tree this time because I love plants with the weeping habit. The Crabapple in the pic is Prairiefire. He also has crabapples in white and pink flowering. Which one do you like best??

Ziva trying to decide which tree she likes best.

Alrighty then. I need to go mow my grass. Cheers to everyone having a fabulous weekend.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva
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