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Mums, Sweet Alyssum, Ornamental Mustard, Croton!

Mums mustard white and purple sweet alyssum

I still have some beautiful mums in stock that will look gorgeous on your porch or patio. Quart sizes are $3.25, 8″ are $6.75, and 10″ are $14. The yellows and one of the Red Ryders are opening up nicely. The quart size Grapeberry Red are just starting to show their beautiful colors, as are the Purple and Yellow mums. The others are still budded up, which means you’ll get lots of color time from them.

Ready for these to go home with you?? Here’s the link to their page in the Boutique: Mums.

If you need to make a special order of certain colors/sizes let me know. Other than special orders, I won’t have more mums in stock this year.

I also have two crotons in 6.5″ containers, those gorgeous red-leafed ornamental mustards, white Sweet Alyssum in 4″ and quarts, and purple Sweet Alyssum in 4″ containers for sale.

Go on ahead and add some beautiful cool season plants to your garden!

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