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Tuesday the 18th Fruity Plant Pick Up Post

Redskin Peach Tree

The fruit trees and shrubs will be here Tuesday the 18th! Here’s what we’re getting:

  • Fig Trees, 5-gallon size, $27: Celeste, LSU Purple
  • Apple Trees, 5-gallon size, $35: Fuji, Mollie’s Delicious
  • Muscadine Vines, 2-gallon size, $17.25: Carlos, Cowart
  • Peach Trees, 5-gallon size, $35: Redskin, Loring
  • Pear Trees, 5-gallon size, $35: Orient, Keiffer
  • Plum Trees, 5-gallon size, $35: Methley, Bruce
  • Blueberry Bushes, 1-gallon size, $11: Tifblue, Powder Blue, Climax, Austin

I’m limited on space in Bella’s garden area, so I got only two of all varieties except the pear and plum trees and I got one of each variety of those. But what that means is I get new stock more often, so the plants you buy are fresh and happy. I got only the varieties that will do well with the number of chill hours we get. And for the ones that need cross-pollination, I got the varieties that work well together. I’ll give you all that detailed info on each plant’s page in the Boutique.

Y’all, those prices are really, really good.

If you know you want to buy some, message, email, or text me before Tuesday, and I’ll hold them for you., 903-418-6289.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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