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A reminder …

Two-winged Silverbells flower

Hello there.

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking if they can come to Bella Jardin Boutique to look at/pick up plants. Unfortunately I can’t do that because at the moment I’m licensed as only an online garden center that delivers. I’m not licensed/insured/set up/etc etc etc to have customers come here. However, one day in the not too distant future I do have plans for opening a store-front garden center that specializes in native plants while continuing to have the delivery option for y’all. But for right now, the online garden shop and delivery is all I can offer.

I would love for y’all to be able to ooh and aah over the beautiful native plants in person instead of just in pictures because I know seeing them in real life makes it easier to envision them in your garden. Plus I know you will fall in love with so many more of the natives once you can see their beauty for yourself, just like I have.

So, please, bear with me till maybe sometime next year, then I might be able to have all of you come visit me and Ziva Bella Jardin’s store-front shop. In the meantime …

… happy diggin’ in the dirt!

Jeanni and Ziva the Diva
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