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Mums and other cool season annuals

Sweet Alyssum

Ok, y’all been asking for mums, so I’m gonna get y’all some mums.

Here’s what I’m picking up tomorrow:

  • 10″ container size, $14 each. I ordered yellow, white, purple/orange, and purple/white. Hopefully they have all colors in stock.
  • 8″ container size, $6.75 each. Colors ordered: orange, pink, red, white, yellow.
  • Quart size, $3.25. Colors are mixed in this size.

This supplier always has beautiful plants. I’ll post pics of the mums after I get them.

Other cool season annuals I’m getting are white sweet alyssum, quart size, $2.75 each; ornamental giant red-leaf mustard, $5.75. I’ll start stocking pansies, snapdragons, etc., in a couple of weeks.

Mums and cool season annuals will be in limited stock. If you want more than what I have in stock, I can do a special order for you, just let me know.

More ‘Powwow Wild Berry’ Coneflowers are ordered, along with ‘Sunrita Golden Yellow’ Gaillardia.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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