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‘Black and Blue’ Salvia

Black and Blue Salvia

FYI: ‘Black and Blue’ Salvia is back in stock. I love this salvia, and so do the hummers and butterflies. ‘Black and Blue’ is one of the very first salvias with the beautiful black and blue coloring on the flowers, buds, and stems. I’ve grown this one in my personal gardens for years. Here it’ll get 4-5′ tall and wide. Once it starts blooming in the spring, it almost always has flowers on it till frost-time. Sometimes it’ll get too leggy in late summer, just whack it back by about half and it’ll bush back out just fine. I don’t deadhead mine. It loves a part sun situation with shade from the hot summer afternoon sun. If it’s in full, all day sun it’ll need more water to stay happy. They grow great either in the ground or in large containers. It’s a true perennial here that will somewhat reseed itself. I haven’t found it to be out of control reseeder though.

These sell out pretty fast, so get yours while you can.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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