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It’s Louisiana Time!

Gulf Coast Muhly Grass in full bloom

Hey, y’all. Forecast says we have to suffer through today’s high heat of 94 degrees, then temps are dropping to 80s and even the 70s! Maybe Fall is actually coming for a Texas visit.

I have great news: I have added Bossier, De Soto, and Caddo Parishes over in beautiful Louisiana to my delivery area. How cool is that! That means my Louisiana customers don’t have to do all kinds of weird things to bypass the system to make an order. lol Thank y’all, btw, for bearing with me and doing all that. So, Louisiana peeps, share Bella’s info to all your gardening friends and to your gardening pages on social media.

As a note for everyone: When your order is over $25, you get free delivery. But you HAVE to click on the button that says “Free Delivery on Orders Over $25” or else the system will charge you a $5 delivery fee which is for orders under $25. I’m trying to figure out how to make the system do it automatically, but haven’t found a way yet. Of course I refund the $5 if I notice it on your order, but sometimes I don’t see it.

So. I am excited about Bella’s expansion into my neighboring state. I hope y’all are excited too.

Side Note: Gulf Coast Muhly Grass is the beautiful ornamental grass in the pic. Muhly Grass comes into all of its pink glory this time of the year, and it is a Texas and Louisiana native. I have 1-gallon and 3-gallon sizes in stock. They are all starting to set those gorgeous billowy pink plumes.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt!

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