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Next Week’s Plant Order

Good morning, my fellow flower freaks! Ya ready to see what plant goodies Ziva and I are picking up Thursday??? Here they are!

  • Calotropis gigantea, Giant Milkweed
  • Callistemon viminalis, Hot Pink Bottle Brush
  • Michelia fuscata, Banana Shrub. Y’all bought all I had last week, so I’m getting more for you.
  • *Callicarpa americana, Purple Beautyberry
  • *Callicarpa americana, White Beautyberry
  • *Crataegus opaca, Mayhaw. Had lots of requests to get more of this one in.
  • *Diospyros virginiana, Common Persimmon
  • *Halesia diptera, Two Winged Silverbells
  • *Prunus mexicana, Mexican Plum. Y’all love this plant. Have lots of pre-orders for it.
  • Aloysia virgata, Almond Verbena. Y’all. This is one of my most fav non-native plants. THE FLOWERS SMELL LIKE ALMONDS!!!!
  • *Anisacanthus wrightii, Hummingbird Bush. I have this growing in my garden. The hummers can’t get enough of it.
  • Justicia, Lemon Sorbet Shrimp Plant. The Shrimp Plants are cool plants.
  • *Phyla nodiflora, Frogfruit
  • *Stachytarphetta jamaicensis, Blue Porter Weed. Cannot wait to tell y’all all about this one.
  • Salvia sinaloensis, Bicolor Sage
  • *Tagetes lemonii, Copper Canyon Daisy
  • *Wisteria frutescens “Dam B”. This is the Wisteria that’s native to east Texas. Please don’t plant the exotic/invasive Japanese wisteria, Wisteria floribunda.

Of the seventeen different types of plants I’m getting, eleven (marked with *) are native to either Texas, Southeast US, or New Mexico. I will never sell a plant that is exotic/invasive.

Let’s go check out the pics! Click on the pics and the plant name will show up.

I’ll be steadily typing away on the laptop this week to get these into the website. Keep checking back, y’all.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt

Jeanni and Ziva
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