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More Plants!

Red Buckeye

Ok, y’all, I put in another order in with my awesome native supplier, which means new plants are being added to the Boutique this week!! Ziva and I will go get all these awesome plants on Thursday:

Shizachyrium scoparium, Little Bluestem, ornamental grass

Aesculus pavia, Red Buckeye, shrub

Callicarpa americana, Beautyberry, shrub

Carpinus caroliniana, Hornbeam, tree

Cornus drummondii, Roughleaf Dogwood, shrub or tree

Crataegus marshalii, Parsley Hawthorn, tree

Crataegus opaca, Mayhaw, tree

Cyrilla racemiflora, Leatherwood, tree

Prunus mexicana, Mexican Plum, tree

Ptelea trifoliata, Wafer Ash, shrub or tree

Sassafras albidum, Sassafras, tree. Y’all bought every single Sassafras I had in stock within three days of the Boutique opening, so I’m absolutely getting more of this!

Helianthus, Swamp Sunflower, perennial

Heliopsis, perennial

Rudbeckia hirtia, Black Eyed Susan, perennial

I’ll have pics and descriptions added to the Boutique soon.

Happy diggin’ in the dirt.

Jeanni and Ziva
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